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E10 : What are you so happy about?

From retiring after 11 years as an AFL player; starting his first 'real job' at 30; to moving on, from what was a passion project rather than a job as Western Bulldogs CEO - Simon Garlick reckons he knows a few things about confronting significant change and challenge, and getting up and going again.

Given his incredible journey, Michelle Cox asks Simon: what are you so happy about?


Links to some of the things Simon touched on:

  • Simon is the Bastion EBA CEO for Victoria. Bastion EBA works with some of Australia’s leading brands to analyse, negotiate, manage and activate their sponsorship investments. Here’s some more information about what Bastion EBA does.
  • Simon played AFL between 1994 and 2004 with the Sydney Swans and the Western Bulldogs. For the full run-down on Simon’s footy stats, career highlights and the rest click here.
  •  Simon was joined in New York in September for the 2001 end-of-season footy trip by fellow-Bulldog Luke Darcy. This is Luke’s account of their September 11 experience as told to Real Footy.
  • Bastion Bridge is the Collective's intern program, giving students and recent graduates an immersive and supportive introduction to the working world.


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