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E13: What’s with China? / Part 1

If you’ve contemplated doing business in China but haven’t made the great leap forward (pun intended) because you think it’s a dangerous, unregulated market with impenetrable customs that could land you in trouble, worry no more.

Life Collective’s Kristen Boschma has gathered a bunch of China specialists and myth busters - Doris Li, Tom Parker and Jennifer Connelly - to dispel the misconceptions that have cemented China’s reputation for being a tough place to make a buck.


Peng Liyuan and Michella Obama

Peng Liyuan and Michella Obama

Links to some of the things Doris, Tom and Jen touched on:

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E14 : What’s with China? / Part 2

China specialists Doris Li, Tom Parker and Jennifer Connelly are back to help us navigate the complexities of Chinese culture and business practices. They help us separate our hóngbāo from our guanxi - these and other pearls of wisdom could spell the difference between the success and failure of your China adventures.