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E16 : Does reputation really matter?

Is a good reputation your right or your responsibility? And if something goes wrong how easy is it to get back into everyone’s good books?

Kristen Boschma talks about balancing commercial realities with kindness and empathy with Bastion Reputation Management Founder and CEO Brian Walsh and his colleagues fighting the good fight Anna Butler and Heidi Wearne.


Links to some of the things Brian, Anna and Heidi touched on:


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E3 What are people all about?

This week Life Collective’s Michelle Cox sits down with Melbourne-based sports broadcaster and columnist Hamish McLachlan for the first instalment of a two-part chat. This time round, Hamish tells how his early beginnings in sports commentating took him from the local scrub polo club to the Royal enclosure in the UK; his brushes with depression, and why interesting and interested people light his fire.