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E19: Ever been to a unicorn festival?

Ever heard of a festival in celebration of all things unicorn? If you’re a Millennial you’re all over this one. On behalf of the rest of us, Life Collective’s Michelle Cox goes in search of the mythical creature and this year’s biggest social media trend. For answers she turned to Melissa Polglase, Melbourne Central’s marketing manager, who tapped into 2017’s biggest social trend to create the shopping centre’s most successful event ever. Like totes amazeballs!


Melissa Polglase

Melissa Polglase

Links to some of the things Melissa touched on:

STATS: The numbers speak for themselves below!

  • Event Attendance - Thursday 5,800, Friday 7,300
  • Pop-Up Vendors - 18
  • Facebook Engagement (Posts Only) - 11.9%
  • Facebook EventReach - 1.1M, Views - 111,000
  • Responses - 26,000
  • Facebook Event Interest/Attending - 26,000
  • Facebook Page Likes Growth - +1,186
  • Instagram Followers Growth - +1,338
  • Instagram #unicornfestival usage - 972
  • Snapchat Geo Filter Reach - 3,000
  • Snapchat Geofilter Use - 1,364
  • PR
  • PR Hits - 66
  • PR Value - $1,979,526
  • PR Reach - 15,542,259
  • Melbourne Central social properties:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Melbourne Central Millennial Pink Party

Melbourne Fashion Week 2017

Pantone Color of the Year 2016

GPT Property Group manages the Melbourne Central retail property

City of Melbourne Retail and Hospitality Plan 2013-17

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