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E24: Are you born with a sense of adventure or must you cultivate it? (Part 1)

In Part 1 of our conversation with Hayley Baillie, Life Collective’s Michelle Cox explores Hayley’s growing-up years with her dad, Australian adventurer and entrepreneur, Dick Smith, and the impact it’s had on Hayley’s career choices, the luxury tourism business she’s built with her husband, and the way she’s raising her four young sons.

Hayley with her Dad, Dick Smith

Hayley with her Dad, Dick Smith


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Links to some of the things Hayley touched on:

  • Hayley’s dad is Dick Smith - that’s right, the Dick Smith - Australian entrepreneur, adventurer, aviator, philanthropist and political activist.
  • Hayley and her husband James Baillie founded Baillie Lodges in 2003, a portfolio of boutique lodges in some of Australia’s most pristine locations - tropical island paradises, outback adventures and southern ocean coastal escapes.
  • Hayley was appointed to the Boardof Tourism Australia in November 2015.
  • Check out Hayley’s Instagramaccount but try to stifle your insta-envy - her life in pictures is AMAZING!
  • This is what Hayley’s talking about - cruising the Arctic Northeast Passage in a Russian icebreaker - epic!
  • One of Hayley’s mentors is Valerie Taylor, the underwater conservationist. Valerie along with her husband Ron Taylor, shark expert and cinematographer, did much to rehabilitate the reputation of sharks and preserve them and their underwater environments from over-fishing, culling and extinction.
  • Keen for the luxury lodge experience? Here’s some more info on the lodges Hayley talks about in Part 1.
  • On July 22, 1983, entrepreneur and founder of Australian Geographic Dick Smith completed his first solo around-the-world helicopter flight. All the deets here.
  • Part 2 of our conversation with Hayley goes live on Monday, 27 November 2017.


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