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E26: What's your definition of community?

Sometimes by necessity and other times by design, we're forced to reinvent our sense of belonging. Today on Life Collective Michelle Cox talks to Tara PhelpsAlice Eastmanand Eleanore Testa, three young women who have embarked on adventures from a young age that have redefined what community and belonging means to them.

Links to some of the things Alice, Eleanor and Tara touched on:

  • Every kid’s worst nightmare? Moving to a new school and having no friends. No one wants that. Alice mentioned the scene from the movie Mean Girls where the Lindsay Lohan character is so ostracised she locks herself in the toilet cubicle and eats her lunch alone...poor love.
  • Tara’s experience of boarding was like a scene out of Summer Heights High where private school girl Ja’mie lorded it over the state schoolers much like her experience at school where the day girls considered themselves a cut above the daggy boarders from out bush. Ouch.
  • Eleanore and Alice both mentioned using Flatmate Finders to find homes and people to live with when they moved states and cities. While not every experience ends up with you finding your new family like Eleanore did, you might very well meet new people that could change your life.
  • Can you handle the truth? Keep track of the amount of time you spend on your phone with Moment - an app designed to help you get your life back. *gulp*
  • Bastion Collective Founder Fergus Watts on the challenge of achieving the ever-illusive phenomenon that is work/life balance.

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