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E28: Can kids run the world?

Today on Life Collective we canvass the views of the global citizens of tomorrow - Ellie, Ronan, Henry, Arya and Tommy - and find out what our world would be like if kids ran the joint. No topic is off limits for this clutch of tweens - same sex marriage, President Trump, government housing, the voting age and why time-outs would be legislated against in a parliament run by kids. Strap yourself in, you’re in for a ride!

Links to some of the things Ellie, Ronan, Henry, Arya and Tommy touched on:

  • Tommy is a fan, unlike his fellow-tweens, of Prodigy - a free, curriculum-aligned math game for Grades 1 - 8 which is played by over 20 million students, teachers, and parents. All deets here
  • Not to be confused with a winning hand in poker, one of Ellie’s favourite things to do is watch Fuller House on the teev. You can catch it on Netflix.
  • BTN got a couple of mentions from our young people - Ronan referred it to The Project for kids. BTN, which stands for Behind the News, is a TV shown on ABCTV that looks at the big stories of the week making headlines. It’s a ripper.

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