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E9: How hard is it growing a family?

Growing a family takes commitment. Commitment to walking through the door at night and leaving work behind. Commitment to making the time that you have with your kids meaningful. And recognising that while life is a juggle for adults who work and run families, life can also be tough for our kids as they navigate the internet, teen suicide, porn and mobile devices.

Richard Chapman and Marteen Burger are back in conversation with Michelle Cox about what it takes to grow a family these days.


Links to some of the things Marteen and Richard touched on:

  • 13 Reasons Why - a Netflix Original series that explores teen suicide
  • Marty talked about the Resilience Project at her son’s school helping parents and students cope with modern life
  • Rich talked about the Bastion Degree Emotional Intelligence course. Employees at Bastion Collective can apply to do the Bastion Degree. It's an intensive six-month course that teaches you about... you. It has literally transformed and changed lives. To do the course, you need to work for Bastion. Maybe one of these roles could be for you:


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E4: What are you giving back?

In Part 2 of this Life Collective podcast with Melbourne-based sports broadcaster and columnist Hamish McLachlan, Hamish recalls his early years on the family farm, the massive influence his maternal grandmother and mother have had on his life, the near-loss of his eldest daughter and how it’s sparked an idea that might just revolutionise the way the whole world gives.