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Changes to Facebook News Feed and what it means

In recent days Facebook has Zucker-punched brands with news of changes that will reshape the way content appears on News Feeds.

It has major implications for brands that post organic content - so read on!

What has changed?

Facebook will now use audience engagement (particularly comments that go on to generate lengthy conversations) to determine if content will appear in your feed. Posts from friends and family will now be prioritised over public content, meaning you can expect to see less public content from businesses, brands and media.

Why are they doing it?

Zuckerface says it aims to ‘bring people closer together and build relationships’.

The objective is to increase the amount of valuable time spent on the platform rather than consuming content (watching video, reading news or getting a page update) which has become a very passive experience.

Why are they really doing it?

To continue to dominate the market as an insights powerhouse through data collection and, of course, to increase revenue. These changes appear to be part of a longer-term investment to apply more emphasis on paid advertising.

What's the impact for your business?

  • You may see an immediate drop in all measurable metrics, including engagement, comment, shares and other engagement
  • Users who want to continue seeing updates from Pages they follow will need to change the News Feed preferences to choose ‘See First’ as an option
  • Pages making posts that people generally don’t engage with may see the biggest decreases in visibility. Pages posting content that prompts conversations between friends will see less of an effect
  • The change primarily impacts organic brand content, which puts even more emphasis on paid media

Initially, there is an expected rise in cost per result. With more emphasis being placed on paid media, there is an expected increase in the cost to achieve these results due to higher demand.

What should you do now?

Have a look at:

  • Doing an audit on your current engagement metrics so you know what your baseline is
  • Making sure you know what your bigger objectives are - rather than focusing on the channel
  • Checking your budget allocations for content development and amplification.
  • Talk to us - we can help!

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