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Five reasons to party in property

Everyone loves a good party. My sister met her husband at one. I realised my friend Aerin was actually named Aaron at one (accents can be confusing). In property though, a good party should bring you purchasers.

Unfortunately the PR industry is renowned for using the word ‘party’ to solve just about any problem. We’re all seen as Sex and the City Samantha types, trying to feel more popular and desirable by inviting lots of random people to random events.

I’m allergic to the word PR. It might be because I’m an ex-journalist. It is definitely because PR is renowned for being non-commercial and fluffy.

In a well developed strategic marketing strategy, events do hold a place.

But developers should only save the date for an event that drives results.

Here’s five reasons to consider an event:

1. Create urgency to purchase

That means inviting the right people, getting them in the same room and painting a picture of demand with your special event.

2. Increase your reach

Drive awareness and consideration of the project beyond those who have already enquired. Do this with smart collaborations and partnerships that tap into fans of likeminded brands and share the same values.

3. Drive foot traffic and discovery

A good event gives people a reason to visit something they might not usually bother checking out.

4. Overcome sales barriers

Gearing an event to help educate buyers on the areas they’re getting caught up on can help convert those buyers who’ve visited the display suite four times, asked 1000 questions and are still unsure.

5. Drive media coverage

So you have a piece in Domain. Good for you. But what about Broadsheet, the outlet your target audience actually reads? A good event can help reach non-traditional media outlets – but it has to be clever (and I don’t mean catering by Biggie Smalls). Here, influencers can also be very valuable, sharing your event and brand across their channels and thousands of loyal followers.

We’ve seen clients convert three sales off the back of an event. Not impressive? Well at over $1 million per apartment, the $20,000 spent on this event was definitely worth the investment. 

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