Bastion Effect @ SXSW18: 6 out-takes brands should act upon now.

Bastion Effect's Elise Erwin at SXSW18.

SXSW18 PSA: You all have it very, very wrong.

Our wrap up from SXSW18.

Changes to Facebook News Feed and what it means

Facebook has implemented changes that will reshape the way content appears on News Feeds. It has major implications for brands that post organic content - so read on.

Collaboration is King

We explore how communications and media agencies must work together to transform a brand into a consumer experience that is relevant, desirable and shared.

Five reasons to party in property

A good event can help reach non-traditional media outlets–but it has to be clever. Influencers can also be very valuable, sharing your event and brand across channels.

Marketing for new developers

While established property brands can leverage testimonials from past purchasers that build trust and show proof of delivery, what is a new developer to do to show they can be trusted?

Building the Blundstone Influencer Family

Working with Blundstone since 2015, we've built a network of influencers, advocates and partners to create a new social currency for the iconic boot brand.

Coachella Music and Arts Festival - Trendsetting Amongst The Palm Trees

Our influencer expert and resident hip-hop enthusiast, Vanessa Condemi, shares her takeouts on the consumer experience and which brands did it best.

Festival of Racing

Bastion Effect was engaged to work with Racing Victoria in late-2016 for its upcoming Festival of Racing taking place from February – March 2017.