We expanded a beloved Aussie icon from a tradie only boot into a cult streetwear product.

Client: Blundstone

For nearly 150 years, Blundstone has been known as a ‘tradie’ boot in Australia.

“Bastion have helped find the right people to connect with us, the right partnerships and to do that they have had to understand us deeply as a business.” - Adam Blake, Blundstone Global Head of Brand, Design and Consumer Engagement.

The challenge

Overseas, Blundstone is considered a cult streetwear product and lifestyle sales are booming, but at home the brand needed to redefine itself.

What did we do?

To help create demand with fashion and lifestyle retailers and consumers, we needed to drive a new wave of currency for Blundstone. We know fashion trends start from those cultural tastemakers ‘in the know’ within their circles.

So we created a unique, ROI driven influencer program for Blundstone that aims to build social goodwill, authentic relationships and endorsements across fashion, music, arts outdoors, food and surfing circles.

From collaborations to content to social posts and everything in between, the result has been phenomenal. Blundstone is now the boot of choice for every occasion.

What did we achieve?

  • 65 Authentic Influencer Relationships
  • 620+ Social Posts
  • 32 million+ Reach
  • $5.3 M Earned Value
  • Tier 1 Retail Stockists secured
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