The Eastbourne by Mirvac

Influencing the influencers.

Client: Mirvac

The challenge

The top end of the property market won't be marketed to knowingly. Affluent purchasers are more driven by their own networks and the highly respected journalists they follow (who despise PR practitioners!).

To get the top echelon of Melburnians to consider calling luxury property The Eastbourne by Mirvac their home, we had to influence the influencers.

What did we do?

We created a series of exclusive events for Melbourne’s most influential in business: friends of ours, Bastion board members, clients and contacts.

We then tapped on the shoulders of some of the best journalists to ensure the titles our movers and shakers read, had The Eastbourne in their pages.

Did we mention we brought the building's exclusive penthouse purchaser experience to life for our special journalists - a chauffeured Bentley, private appointment, Sofitel hospitality?

What did we achieve?

  • 25 articles
  • $300m of sales in one weekend
  • AFR, The Australian, Domain, 3AW and TV news talking about The Eastbourne
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