Researching physical activity? Put Bastion Latitude on the team!

The Department of Health wanted to understand levels of physical activity in young men, aged 14-24. They asked Bastion Latitude to conduct exploratory research.

Research consistently shows that young men exercise more than young women. Yet there’s a dramatic falloff as males move into their early 20s, suggesting early intervention is required to set lifetime habits.

With a team of experts in youth, behavior change and research, we interviewed young men, sports organizations, government bodies, teachers, parents and influencers. We discovered the factors that affect physical activity, and uncovered how these factors inter-relate with wellbeing and health. A robust segmentation was created to inform policy development. 

3000 quantitative interviews with 14-24 year old men

20 stakeholder / expert interviews

36 focus groups

6 weeks of fieldwork

“As young people move through school, start work and become more independent, being physically active and limiting sedentary behaviour every day is not always easy, but it is possible and it is important”

Department of Health Activity Guidelines for young people

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