Today’s Millennials: too cool to care for Santa?

Today’s Millennials: too cool to care for Santa?

Our client wanted to establish an unmissable Christmas event targeting Millennials. Our brief was to uncover how they really feel about the holidays.

Other sources told our client that Millennials are disassociating from home-life, addicted to smart phones, and overwhelmingly self-interested. They mostly buy gifts for themselves. Would they reject all things ‘Christmas’?

Using an online community design to get behind ‘socially expected’ answers, we shook some myths off the Christmas tree. In equal parts, Millennials treasure their family traditions and express deep emotional connections through peer partying. A ‘real Christmas’ still has relevance and meaning for the Australian Millennial.

One third of the Australian population

3 weeks of fieldwork

30+ millennial voices

“I try to appreciate the good that has happened to me and my family, even for humanity in general.”

Millennial Online Community, Bastion Latitude 2017

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