Workmance? These are the 5 rules for office relationships

As seen in Body + Soul - MAY 2017

Here's a couple of stats for you: one in three people will have an office romance in their lifetime and 30 percent of these romances will end in marriage.

While not all of us aim to walk down the aisle with our colleague, we do want to get along. Bad work relationships linger at home, impact our health and hinder productivity.

In my late teens I worked with disengaged teenagers at the Reach Foundation. Our job was to help them understand who they are and equip them to build positive relationships with other people, firstly by being comfortable with themselves. Now a decade on, I find these skills are just as applicable in business as they are in life.

An incredible study by Tel Aviv University tracked 820 adults for twenty years to determine the biggest impact of the workplace on people’s health. It revealed that people’s relationships with their colleagues and peer support networks had the biggest impact.

Success in business comes down to our ability to engage others. Whether we are aiming to motivate staff, impress clients or win over investors, the path is made smoother by creating constructive partnerships. Over my career I have followed five rules to build fast,  deep and positive relationships in and outside the office.... Click Here to read full article.