Life in the Fast Lane: The myth of busy and our ever-decreasing attention spans

Tara Phelps of Bastion EBA, the Sponsorship and Experiential division of Bastion Collective, discusses what life in the fast lane means today.  

Let's start with a visualisation.

Remember back to the last time you jumped into an Uber on the way to a work meeting. As you bundle your laptop into your bag and triple check that your mobile phone is still glued to your fingers, the driver asks where you are headed. After mumbling a destination, your eyes glued to your phone, and you start on your journey.

You flick through emails to see if you missed anything in the two minutes since you stepped out of the office. Then to Instagram to see posts that you have already seen that day, then you pop onto Facebook and scroll through quickly. Nothing really grabs your attention.

The driver looks into the rear view mirror and asks how your day is going. Without so much as a second thought, an automatic response is blurted from your mouth. "Oh you know - busy"

A Self-inflicted Truth

We have all been guilty of this careless response, be it to the Uber driver or to a colleague who we pass on the stairs. We might not even be aware of how boring we are being, spewing out that we are ‘oh so busy’ when people have taken the time and energy to ask how we are. But is there any truth in it? The day literally flew by and I barely had a moment to breathe – that means I AM busy…right?